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The PROTEC DIGITAL company deals with electronic devices production.Our company has a large experiance in service assembly. Our production preparation system led us to realise many assembly orders at once. Thanks to various machines we are able to produce large quantity of circuit boards in small mount of time. Variety of our equipment led us to realise as well as small prototype series and medium series production. Experianced employees,the most modern techonolgies and professional equipment quarantee that offered by our company services are on the highest level. Our company has ISO9001 in production and designing electronic devices.
We produce according to IPC-A-610D.

Scope of the assembly offer:
  • full service of Clients within the technical preparation
  • designing of electronic systems
  • designing of printed circuits
  • electronic elements supply
  • THT assembly soldered manually (pbfree or pb)
  • THT assembly soldered on the wave (pbfree)
  • SMT assembly using paste from feeder, soldering in reflow furnace (small series, prototypes)
  • SMT assembly using paste from sieve or stencil, soldering in reflow furnace
  • SMT glue assembly, soldering on the wave
  • double-sided SMD assembly (glue/paste or paste/paste)
  • mixed assembly (threading and SMD)
  • interoperation controls in the production process guaranteeing the high quality of service
  • applying professional metal stencils to soldering paste spread or glue
  • on client's request full functional test of assembled packets
  • protecting packets with protective coatings

Our stock of machines:
  • automatic machine for assembly SMT prototypes and very small series (efficiency of 2000 elements per hour )
  • automatic machine for assembly SMT small and medium series (efficiency of 4000 elements per hour )
  • Pick and place line consist three SMT automatic machines for medium and large series (efficiency of 14000 elements per hour )
  • Reflow oven, 4-heating zones , 1 -cooling zones
  • Soldering wave
  • automatic dyspenser for paste/glue and others (ex.remover mask)
  • 10 manual threading assembly stands
  • 2 stands for manual optical control
  • Device for automatical AOI optical control(control of glue and paste spreading, quality control for soldering)

Every single query/order is examined individually, beginning with initial calculation for the customer. We are able to present costs proposal in 24 hours after received specification and montage draft.


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